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It’s early morning. Just before dawn.

Light hits the night shade and I feel so far gone.

Been up all night thinking how little I know.

And how I left you back there long ago.


Right around noon day. I can’t think at all.

Can’t seem to get going. I just start and stall.

The sun goes by so fast. But it feels so slow.

Since I left you back there long ago.


Where did those dreams all go?

When did they disappear?

We slipped off the track somehow.

Now I whisper in your ear...


Back in my bedroom. The moon comes again.

I watch you breathing and I pretend...

That even awake, old nightmares don’t unfold.

That the flesh remains warm and love will never grows cold.

Cause though you lie beside me and it’s your hand I hold.

I left you back there long ago.

Jim Walker - Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drum Programming, Percussion, Lead Vocals, BG Vx.

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