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Now the waters run. The souls collide.

And I’m revealed as lost inside.

My hands are cold. I stall for time.

The words break up through static lines.

A grayish blur upon the day...make it go away.


The hemlock burns. It vipers through.

I cannot stay here without you.

It’s black and red, comes easily.

It’s part of me you’ll never see.

I wish I might, I wish I may...


It’s more than fascination.

It’s more than wanting everything.

It’s more than saintly patience.

It’s more than silver words and rings.

This is me and it cannot be denied.

It’s stronger now than it was before.

I will lock it up behind steel doors.

A plate of glass inside my head.

The flame is black, the fire dead.

The ash floats up as if to say…



Albert Reda -

Piano, Lead Vocal 

JVA. Little Bird VSN2.png
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