Label / Mosier Music 
Producer / Walk Don’t Walk

Engineers / Tim Ellis, Jim Walker

Facility / Kung Fu Bakery Annex, The Pulpit. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Design Jones

Photography / Rachel Tillman

Running Time / 49:00


Tim Ellis / Guitars, Electric Sitar, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion

Aaron Meyer / Violin, Viola, Percussion

Jim Walker / Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Theremin, Vocals, Percussion

Release Date: May 15th, 2000


Back in the 90's, Tim Ellis, Aaron Meyer, and I were playing in a trio called Walk Don’t Walk. (Yeah, I know, I never liked that name either...always sounded like a crap, skinny-tie band from the early 80’s.)
During this time we were was asked by the Portland aerial dance troupe, Aero Betty, to score a show that they were just starting to put together called Ethos. 
We met with the producers and dancers and realized that this was going to be something very special; each individual dance would be performed hanging from cables suspended from the ceiling. Amazing!
We also realized after our meeting that this was going to be an monumental amount of work. Each dancer wanted to have their music written specifically for them and their dance. Each section of the dance, and each movement, would actually have to be scored. So we went into it knowing full well that we were heading into the fire with our clothes doused in kerosene...and still, we had no idea what we were in for.

(Cut to a year later)
We finally finished the score. Then we recorded it, mixed it, printed up cds, and then the show happened. Then it was over.
A ton of work. Extremely challenging. But in the end it all came together really well.

Tim's playing is the anchor of this record; acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric sitar...the sounds, wild frantic and raging, then ambient, dreamy and ice-cool, endlessly spilling from his mad genius of a creative mind.
Tim passed away on March 21st, 2016. It felt like it was the right time to revisit this album, acquaint some folks with it who haven’t heard it, and perhaps reheat it for folks who haven’t heard it in awhile.

We hope you enjoy it. We worked our tails off on this thing.


Dedicated with love to Tim.

Miss you every single day, friend.

Tim Ellis



1. Surfacing                                       

2. Autumn                                             

3. Excerpt From “7th Period”                

4. Winter                                               

5. Excerpts From “Waltz”                     

6. Dark Carnival                                 


All songs written by:

Tim Ellis, Aaron Meyer, Jim Walker 

C&P 2000 Mosier Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved