First Record Bought: Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare


First Concert: Kiss 1976


Favorite Music Movie: Stop Making Sense


Favorite Music Book: Warren Zevon: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead


Favorite Songwriters: Graham Parker, Aimee Mann


Favorite Producer: Brian Eno


Favorite Arranger: Randy Newman


Favorite Record Labels: SST, Epitaph


Favorite Music Writers: Chuck Klosterman, Mikal Gilmore


Favorite Magazine: Mojo. Paste.


Favorite Insane, Self-Indulgent Musical Genius: Syd Barrett


Concerts I Wish I'd Seen: Husker Du


Artist I Would Pay to Stop Performing: Eric Clapton


Artist Whose Songbook I Entertain Co-workers with Most Frequently: Tom Waits


Vocalist I Modeled My Own Singing Voice After: Patti Smythe


Artist My Friends Hate That I Love: Frank Zappa