Label / Thon Music

Produced, Recorded and Engineered - Jim Walker between 4.8.2021 - 1.30.2022 

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Art Direction - Jim Walker

Running Time / 45:00

Release Date: February 3rd, 2022

Jim Walker - Drum Programming, Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Samples.

These songs are:
Wild guitars, stabbing synths, tempos and time signatures that are slightly out of control. These songs just keep poking at you.
Some people like things like this, some don’t.
This album provides some potentially sensory-overloading entertainment material for those that do.
Dip your toe in, see what you think.
What the heck? Sumpin’ different.


1. You Of All People

2. The American Dream

3. The Puzzle Factory

4. How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

5. You Missed A Spot

6. Gary's Acting Lesson

7. The Choking Tree

8. Machines At Night

9. What Did I Ever Do To You?

10. How Was Your Flight?

All compositions by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 2022 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.