Label / Thon Music, Eskimo Music
Producer / CB Rock

Engineer / CB Rock
Mixer / CB Rock

Facility / Poundhouse Recording. Sauvie Island, OR
Additional Recording / The Pulpit. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Design Jones 

(I need my friggin’ BP dammit!!)

Photography / Kim Johnson

And to Bradford Johnson who created the amazingly cool HUMAN video.

Mastering / Roger Seibel

    @ SAE Mastering, Phoenix, AZ, April 2nd .2003


Running Time / 50:00

Recorded between May 1st, 2004 and November 3rd, 2004
Mixed by CB between November 5th and November 14th, 2004

Release Date: December 15th, 2004


CB Rock and I started making this record when we were roommates in 1996.

We’d go to the studio and do a little here, a little there. We didn’t even know we were making a record, we were just recording and amusing ourselves. Seven years later we accidentally had a record. We recorded this out at Poundhouse Studio on Sauvie Island. A beautiful, inspiring environment to record to be sure. I played a lot of stuff myself simply because I was around, but we also had some great folks on this; Nancy Hess, Gregg Williams, Jeff Leonard, Rob O’Hearn, Willie Barber, Tracey Harris, Gavin and Clark Bondy, and many others. Tim Ellis isn’t on this one. Not that I didn’t ask him, it was just too much of a hike for him to come all the way out to the island, so it just never happened. So, all the questionable lead guitar playing is by yours truly.

Labor of love...

That phrase has gone through my head for about six years now, ever since CB Rock and I broke ground on this. 

It was supposed to be just one song for my friends Kaja and Ken, who asked me to write a song for their short film, MY WAY HOME. While CB and I were in the studio recording the song (THIN AIR) we thought, “Well, that went pretty well...let’s do another song...and another.”  And so on and so on like these things go. 

That was 1997. 


To give you an example of how time has gotten away from us while working on this disc, let’s for instance take the song PELICAN: 

When we cut the bass and drum tracks, CB Rock was a single man. 

By the time the guitar solo comes around in the tune, he’d met Kris, the love of his life, and had shacked up with her. 

When the last chord rings out at the end of the song, he’d already been married to her for a year. 

All in about FOUR MINUTES. 


Both CB and I got busy with other projects and with the project of life in general. So we’d pick at these tunes when we could find time. Then we’d hunker down and apply ourselves vehemently for weeks and months at a stretch.

This went on for years. 

Then one day, with very little ceremony, CB showed up and said, “Here’s a copy of the new cd...” 

I was very skeptical that it wouldn’t all work as a whole given how much time had passed. But whaddya know...it works...works mighty well, I think. 

You might say that absence made the heart grown fonder in the case of these songs. Made us love them more when we were away from them awhile.

We worked long and hard on this music you’ve got in your hands. I wrote the songs, yeah, but it was CB who arranged, produced, engineered, and mixed it all. I’m a lucky guy to have run into someone as talented and generous and as he is. He’s also my very dear friend.

I hope you can get into this because we’re very, very proud of it.

Take care...


Most of the people who played on this (back in 1875) probably have no recollection of it whatsoever -- still I thank you from my heart. Your talent stuns me.



Please do not blame CB Rock in any way, shape, or form for the ‘bonus’ track, which features THE 58TH AVENUE LOVE MONKEY CHOIR on backup vocals: Steve Callas, Pat Dillon, Bob Eggleston, Kevin Mapes, Bob McDonald, Scott Pillsbury, John Robinson, Larry Stevens, Jeff Weintraub, Aaron Wieting. What a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Thank you, my friends:

Willie, Tracey, Nancy, Bradford, CB, Roger, Rob, Gregg, Kris, Mary, Jeff, Chris, Clark-Gavin-Tom, and the Golden God walking among us mortals --Toki Wolf.

Also a hug and a kiss to Blaze Jose’s; Lucille and Dick Walker; Bessy Walker; Rose Marshack; Lloyd and Dennis at Bacchus; and Kathy at Northwestern.


This would not have been possible without Sandy Boedecker. Thank you, Kind Sir.


This is for fathers and sons.


Into the dark, Mrs. Winslow...



1. Beating

2. Rachel

3. Laughing Now

4. North Beach Tuesday

5. Pelican

6. Sleeping In Your Arms

7. All Up To You

8. The Blue

9. Sleepwalking

10. Thin Air / Bakersfield

All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 2003 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.