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(4/20/02 NYC)

There’s a hole in the ground where my foot fell in.

Hit the blacktop hard in the intersection.

Trash piled high on Mulberry Street.

The sightseeing bus got a laugh on me.



Hole in the ground.


There’s a hole in the ground. Cab ran the light.

Landed on my back when I side-stepped right.

With my knee banged up. Crawling to the beat

of the horns and the screams in the Soho heat.


Bring a shovel. Bag of sand.

Bucket of tar and a strong pair of hands.

Won’t take much in the sweat and the din.

Fill the damn thing in.

Fill the damn thing in.


There’s a hole in the ground where the words all fail.

When the dust settles down on a thousand tales.

Spoken in the past into plastic ears of the

girls behind glass, frozen all these years.



Michele Van Kleef -

Lead Vocal, Harmony Vocals


Albert Reda -

Bass, Hammond Organ, Background Vocals


Jim Walker -

Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitars and Solo,

Electric Guitars and Solos, Background Vocals, SFX, Samples 

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