Label / Thon Music
Producer / Jim Walker

Engineer / Kyle Harrison
Mixer / Jim Walker

“That’s That” Recorded and Mixed by Bryant Arnett

Facility / Santa Rosa Studios. Pasadena, CA

Photography / Bryant Arnett

Running Time / 41:00

Release Date: May 15th, 1992


My first album. 

Originally released on cassette (!) in 1992, this is a (mostly) acoustic project I did while living in LA, a couple of years before I put out my first cd, ALEXANDER'S DARK BAND.

This contains some songs that have ended up on my other records (in very different forms), and also some songs that few have heard before.

I ran across this awhile back and it made me smile, remembering the strange young man who made this record. So I decided to ever-so-gently transfer it from its original cassette version, digitize it, and put it out there.


I hope you enjoy it. Really, how can you not? 
Look at that idiotic picture on the cover...it's fucking enjoyable already!



1. Not So Far                                      

2. Forever And A Day                          

3. Invitation                                          

4. Ivory And Gold                                

5. Mattalenahorn                                  

6. That’s That                                      

7. Dog                                                  

8. Take It Out                                      

9.  Protection                                       

10. Glass Thimble                               

11. Poor Boy Be


All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1992 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.


I recorded a lot of songs for my first ever solo release, I THINK THE DOG WILL GO INSANE FROM NO LOVE. I was a young guy whose band had recently split up, and I had a lot on my mind, bless my pointy lil' head.

I'd begun getting tattooed around this time.

Most of the imagery I was putting on my body was that of the medieval surrealist, Hieronymous Bosch. Man, I'd look at those paintings of his and just trip out. I bought a book of his and found out that his real name was Jeroan van Aichen. I thought that would make a great band name, ala Jethro Tull, or Pink Floyd. I started releasing music under the name Jeroan van Aichen, forgetting that one big problem with having a band called after someone's name is that the audience more than likely assumes that someone in the band has that name. Well, that's exactly what happened to me - people thought my name was Jeroan van Aichen. It was annoying at first, then after awhile I stopped correcting them, and just became Jeroan. That's what everyone but friends and family started calling me. 

It was fun to be someone else. Some other character. 

When working on this album, I'd record version after version of these songs, looking for the ONE. I was very happy with how the record ultimately ended up, but I had all these tracks left over.

Well, thirty years later, here's a bunch of them.

Most of these I've released in other forms over the years, but these are the original acoustic versions, all stripped down.


Jeroan van Aichen (JVA)



1. I'll Be Your Eyes

2. Jobs

3. Driving A Nail

4. Don't Cut Me Off

5. Prayers And Bones

6. Spanish Fire

7. Microcosm

8. Trouble (C. Stevens) *

9. Unsung

10. Monks With Hard-Ons


All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1991, 1992 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved (except where noted) *

Dog cassette (front)
Dog cassette (back)
Promo photo 1992
Peavey Music Mag blurb 1992


I went from being very content as a little acoustic-guitar-playing troubadour, to hearing this new music, and smelling something interesting coming on the wind. It was that ol' grunge stuff wafting down from the north.

Being that I was a punk fan from way back, this was very exciting. Sort of a combination of punk fuck-you energy, with more of a foundation in the funk and melody of the harder rock I grew up on. I found myself drawn to it. You can hear on this ELECTRIC album, me transitioning from the acoustic to the more electric world. Fun!

Jeroan van Aichen (JVA)



1. Into The Sea

2. When I Surrender

3. Quiet Child

4. The Blue

5. One-Legged Man

6. Forever And A Day

7. Return

8. This Is The Life

9. See The Man

10. Why Don't We Do It In The Road (Lennon/McCartney) *


All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1991, 1992 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved (except where noted) *