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LIVE at Club 88
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, 9.12.86

LIVE at Club 88. 9.12.88

Release Date: May 15th, 2022



"I believe this is the only existing recorded live show of this first incarnation of my old band, Lost Anthony."

Bass - Rene Brancheau
Drums / Percussion - Donny Saatzer
Keyboards - Eric Hill
Guitar / Vocals - Jim Walker

1. Remain Seated 

2. Civilized Way

3. Foolish Anyway

4. Red Carpet

5. Sleep Tight

6. Poker Face

7. Laughing Girl

8. Little Mouths

9. Burn It All Down

10. The Closed Door

All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1986 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.

This show was recorded by whoever the sound man was that night back in 1986, pumped straight off the mixing board, and right on to a blank cassette tape. There are some audio dropouts where the tape had partially disintegrated over the years before I digitized it, and some glitches and static where the sound man was adjusting our live sound 'on the fly'. 
So it's a bit of a Warts And All type deal. 
Still, it does manage to capture some of the frenetic energy of this version of Lost Anthony. A little snapshot of a bunch of young maniacs who were finding their feet, and played every show as if their lives depended on it. Some of these songs are okay. Some of them embarrass the hell out of me. But here they are. 


SIDENOTE: We played Club 88 several times. It was owned by a sweet old man named Wayne and his wife. The two of them collected feral cats. There were cats, cats, cats everywhere in the club. You'd have a cat sitting on your amp while you played a set. Hilarious. The entire place reeked to high heaven of cat piss and shit. Add to that, the piquant and pungent aroma of the thousands of sweaty fuckers who played that stage, the fog of cigarette smoke, the fried food stink, and the rivers of spilled beer that never got mopped up (because...why bother at that point?), you had yourself one absolutely ripe environment. 
Pee yew! Now THAT was a damn rock club.

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