Label / Thon Music
Producer / Jim Walker

Engineer / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Jim Walker

Running Time / 48:00

Release Date: May 15th, 2013


French Horn on Bed And Breakfast Theme / Jeff Leonard

Vocals on Prasadam / Patti Voglino, Eric Hill

Vocal on Experiments ll / Patti Voglino

Fiddle on Cobbler / Eddie Parente


I’ve been truly lucky over the years to have accidentally surrounded myself with film makers. 

Since the late 80’s I’ve had people come to me to score a piece of animation, or a short film, or documentary. It’s something I love to do.
Most of these films are low budget or no budget labors of love; and you’ve never seen harder working people then people who are working on something they love. 

Most of the time when it gets down to adding the music, there’s a looming deadline bearing down, and it has to be written and recorded very quickly. I’ll come up with a theme, do a quick demo, play it for the director, often things are changed several times, and then it’s done. Then the movie’s finished. The filmmakers show it to whoever they can and then everyone’s off to the next project...including myself. 
There’s no real time to reflect on the work. That’s it.
Not many people get to see these cool little films, and not many people hear the music.

Recently, I’ve been archiving a bunch of the work I’ve done over almost three decades. Going through it, I found a bunch of this film music. 
Listening again, I thought it was kind of shame that so much went into this stuff, for it to just get filed neatly away in the tape cupboard. 

So I decided to put together this compilation.
Genre-wise it’s all over the place, written in whatever style the film I was working on called for. 
There are light ambient pieces, classical-type themes, some pickin’ and grinnin’ banjo fiddle music, even a theme for an Italian cooking show that was on cable tv for a while. 
Some of this music is from nearly 20 years ago. Some is from 2010. It’s a real mixed bag. Shuffle play.

I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for listening.


1. Daniel 

    (PSA for AIDS Awareness)                 

2. Lockers

    (from the short film, Locus of Control)

3. Getting There Theme 

    (from the cable show, Getting There)  

4. Stu 

    (from the film, Extraordinary Ordinary)

5. The Artroom 

    (from the film, Extraordinary Ordinary)

6. Experiments 

    (PSA for SUPPRESS)                          

7. Lloyd 

    (from the short film, Lloyd)                  

8. Sara

    (from the short film, Locus of Control)  

9. Bed And Breakfast Theme 

    (from the tv show, Bed And Breakfast) 

10. Open The Package

    (from the short film, Locus of Control) 

11. Cobbler

    (Nike website film piece)                      

12. Renovations

    (from the short film, Lloyd)                   

13. Intro

    (PSA for AIDS Awareness)                    

14. Snow Talk

    (from the short film, Locus of Control) 

15. Break In

    (from the short film, Locus of Control) 

16. Credits

    (from the film, From Prison To Home) 

17. Kathyn

    (PSA for AIDS Awareness)                 

18. Truck

    (from the short film, Lloyd)                   

19. Yak

    (from the short film, Locus of Control) 

20. Prasadam 

    (PSA for SUPPRESS)                         

21. Sing Along With Lloyd

    (from the short film, Lloyd)                  

22. Trashman

    (from the short film, Locus of Control) 

23. Grandma's Kitchen Theme 

    (from the tv show, Grandma's Kitchen) 

24. Experiments ll 

    (PSA for SUPPRESS)                          

25. Stuff In The Bucket

    (from the short film, Lloyd)                   

26. Pet Show Theme 

    (from the cable show, Pet Show)         

27. Mercedes

    (PSA for AIDS Awareness)                  

28. Boat

    (from the short film, Lloyd)                  

29. Farm Country

    (from the short film, Lloyd)


All songs written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 2013 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.