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You’ve already got a battle with the bottle.

You’ve already lost the handle on your hate.

Do you really want this extra baggage?

Do you really need more dead weight?


Are you really this weak? Are you really this lame?

Are you really this limp? Are you really this tired?

Are you really just a poor baby?


You’ve tried but you can’t control it. 

Big emotion. Calm blue ocean.

Can’t you ever cut the endless tirade?

That’s better now. Relax now...


Are you really this drained? Are you really this slack?

Are you really this worn? Are you really this soft?

Are you really just a poor baby?


Black holes. Aces and spaces.

Dig down. You know the drill.

Life’s not supposed to be a comfort.

It’s a tough crowd throwing bottles at you...


Please stand by. Please hold.

Please wait your turn to be seated.

Please hang up. Please shut up.

Lie down - admit you’re defeated.


Are you really this faint? Are you really this thin?

Are you really this frail? Are you really this small?

Broken down. Old and decayed.

Half hearted and totally exhausted. 


Are you really just a...

Are you really just a...

Are you really just a poor baby?

Poor baby.



Terrible Pictures Of Harriet:

Clark Bondy - Saxophones

Tim Ellis - Acoustic Guitar / Solo

Tracey Harris - Bg Vx

Albert Reda - Bass

Jim Walker - Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Percussion, Samples, 

Lead Vx, Bg Vx


Body Of Water:

Lead vocals - Company

Jess Feeman - Drums

Ido Gal - Sax

Will Kast - Guitar

Jim Walker - Bass, Guitar, Percussion

Bella Wilcox - Sax

Tim & Jim: POOR BABY:

Tim Ellis - Acoustic Guitar / Solo

Jim Walker - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vx

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