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‘We’re sending you there...’ 

They laughed dragging me from my cell. 

But I can’t be repaired. I’m black vengeance come straight 

from Hell.

I’m young and I’m strong and the papers are signed.  

If I do what they say I’ll be out in no time.


This is a joke. You’ve got to be kidding me.

You prod and you poke. What are you trying to see?

Do you think you’ll find love deep inside of these eyes?

Are you trying to find the calm blue in my skies?


Just keep on wasting your time. 

I taste the air from outside.


I’m here to be a mad, raving thing.

Can’t you see there’s no fixing me?

I’m here to be a mad, raving thing.

I do the Devil’s will. I make Heaven weep.


Fill me with drugs. Stretch me out upon the rack.

Open my eyes to all of my sins. I won’t crack.

There’s flickering lights. Like a dark matinee.

It’s nothing to me. I’ve gone far away.


But please don’t play that song. 

I’ve seen the light. I’ve been wrong.


An ocean’s worth of trouble in my head.

I can’t fight back or I’m good as dead.



Gregg Williams - Drums, Loops

Jim Walker -  Bass*, Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Vx

Drums recorded by Gregg at THE TRENCH, Portland, OR

  1. *also recorded at THE TRENCH by Gregg

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