TIM and Jim Concert Archives Number NINE.



Tim and Jim

Live Archive #9

March 28th, 2008. 

Hayden’s Lakefront. Tualatin, OR.



Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Label / Thon Music

Recordist / Keith Erickson
Editor / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Running Time / 3.34.00



1. Empty Emily

2. Wish You Were Here

3. Drum

4. Hey Joe

5. Poor Poor Pitiful Me

6. Home At Last

7. Invitation

8. Never On Sunday / Freebird / What’s So Funny ‘Bout (Peace, Love, And Understanding?)

9. Sittin’ & Thinkin’

10. Feet In My Shoes

11. Splendid Isolation / The Waiting 

12. SHOTS break

13. North Beach Tuesday

14. Kashmir / Lawyers, Guns and Money

15.  Tim Talk

16. Jersey Girl / Jump / Wild World 

17. People Are Guns

18. In Your Eyes

19. I Fry A Saxophone

20. The Girl From Ipanema / Breakdown / Raspberry Beret / Battleship Chains / The New World / Have A Cigar / Locomotive Breath / Roundabout 

21. Bad Luck

22. Tim Solooooooo / Red House

23. Tim Talk

24. Lemon Tree

25. A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday / Romeo And Juliet / You Can Call Me Al / Fourth Of July 

26. Mohammed’s Radio

27. 867-5309 (Jenny)

28. Stage Chat

29. Dissolve

30. Exodus / Crazy Baldheads / (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea 

31. Poor Baby

32. Burnin’ Love 

33. Abrupt Ending as tape runs out. SHOW’S OVER! :)




1. Dissolve

2. North Beach Tuesday

3. Rachel

4. Talking Backwards

5. Corner Store

6. Feet In My Shoes

7. I Fry A Saxophone

8. Pelican

9. Lost

10. Spandex


Tim and Jim

Crowchow.com Radio Show

September 24th, 2004

Ft. Greg Recording Studio, Portland, OR 


This was really fun. 

Our good pal, Greg Paul (a fine, fine singer/songwriter, producer, engineer among his many other talents) asked Tim and I to do a live performance for a fledgling internet radio station called Crowchow.com. We were happy to. 

It was around noon when we headed over to Greg’s studio with our guitars. I remember vividly we then went to Quizno’s and got sandwiches. 

While we were having our lunch Greg offered us some booze. I think he was joking. But Tim and I never joked about booze. So were started drinking shots and beers. In short order, Tim and I were quite pliable. I was actually pretty hammered. 

But we are also professionals. 

So we went into the studio and knocked out a 45 minute set that came out great!

You wouldn’t even have known we’d been drinking if I hadn’t told you.

Thanks, Greg!



Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Crowchow.com Radio Show

Recordist / Greg Paul @ Ft. Greg Studio

Special thanks to Kevin Craddock
Editor / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR


I'm so glad to be able to share this music with you.

Tim and I were never much good at archiving our live shows so I'm so very glad and grateful to Keith for doing it. He has accidentally become our sole historian and archivist. 


Thanks, Keith.


And as always, thank you for your valuable time -