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Release Date: December 15th, 1997



1. I Fry A Saxophone

2. Breathe 

3. Soft Spot 

4. Protection 

5. Microcosm

6. If You Want That Coat 

7. Back When I Was Old

8. Love You Still 

9.  Not So Far

10. Ivory And Gold

11. Again Again

12. New Memories / Today Was Different 


All material written by

James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1997 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.


I have two vivid memories of making this record;

One is me, slowly dragging a huge iron boat anchor across the driveway outside to get a sound effect for one of the songs.

Two, is of the studio toilet, which only flushed sometimes.


The core band on this was The JVA Band: Toki Wolf on bass, and Rick Dallman (RIP) on drums.

Guests included:

Tim Ellis (RIP), Craig Carothers, Nancy Hess, Gregg Williams, Mike Braun, Eric Hill, and Steve Hale. Toki did the artwork and design.

Bicycle Jerry's Virtual Circumcision performed by Tor McAfee-Kingdon at Newton Bard Recording Studio. Portland, OR.

Most sincere thanks to:

Talin Avedekian

Sandy Bodecker (RIP) - What a studio! What a guy! Couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again!

CB Rock - What can I say? You and I should just get it over with and move in together.

Dave Cooper

Brian Elliott - For the bombproof Wurly pedal. I'm forever in your debt.

Kim Johnson

Lucy & Dick (RIP)

Nina Opperman +1

Tisha at the Linnton 7-11

JVA disc portrait: "bored at laurel thirst" by Bradford Johnson (RIP).

Label / Thon Music, Eskimo Music
Producer / CB Rock

Engineer / CB Rock
Mixer / CB Rock

Facility / Poundhouse Studio. Sauvie Island, OR

Artwork and Design / Toki Wolf 

Photography / Lucille Walker, Kim Johnson, John Saul, Brian Huston, Sara Johnson

Mastering / Ron McMaster

    @ Capitol Mastering,

Hollywood, CA. October 31st, 1997

Running Time / 53:00

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