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You were born in the sunshine. The warmth on your face.

Clear skies above you. You never liked rain.

So you took to the wing and you made your escape.

And you never returned to that town.


You kept out of sight and you kept on your toes.

Kept to yourself, and you never called home.

And it went on just like that until it got cold.

And you found yourself crossing a bridge.


Wind and rain. It’s dark all day.

Wind and rain. In the rusted grey.

Wind and rain. Just one more stray who

said they’d never be caught dead, washing away.


No place to go and you ran out of cash.

Living on handouts and stuff in the trash.

But you got out from underneath all that at last.

Now the eggs stare at you from the dish.


Well, I got the invite. The paper was blue.

To a town that you’d miss if you blinked passing through.

Please give my regards to the people I knew.

And pay my respects to what’s left.



Michele Van Kleef -

Harmony Vocal, Background Vocals

Albert Reda -

Drums, Percussion, Bass, Electric Rhythm Guitar, B3 Organ, Background Vocals

Jim Walker -

Drums, Percussion, Chair, Trashcan, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and Solo, Baritone Guitar, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals 

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