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If this is only just a dream I’m having, do you think that you could step aside?

You really think the world spins around you. 

I don’t follow what you’re trying to hide.


It’s just alibis.


Be careful now, your claws are showing. We’re not connecting like we once did.

I guess I’ll see you in the funny papers. 

Who exactly are you trying to kid?


I can’t help it. Want to cut out your tongue. 

Never thought I’d sing what I’ve just sung.

Thought this was real but it’s lies, lies, lies. 

It’s just a-l-i-b-i-s. Alibis.


I thought I had you in my trouser pocket. I didn’t know that the devil’d been paid.

Nobody told me I was just the past tense. 

Somebody’s sure full of herself today.


It’s just love, and that’s the way it goes now. A reckless heathen clinging on to you.

Did you really think you pulled a fast one? 

Come on, baby, who’s fooling who?

Let’s talk about the times I held your body. Romanticize it. Leave out all the facts.

I know I’m talking to the back of your head. 

Waiting here for you to drop the axe.



Kiss The Brain:

Tim Ellis - Acoustic Gtr

Jim Walker - Acoustic Gtr, Bass, Drum Programming, Keys, Percussion, Vx, BG Vx


Body Of Water:

Lead vocals - Company

Jess Feeman - Drums

Will Kast - Guitar

Jim Walker - Bass, Guitar

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