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Are you, or is someone in your family, a musician, singer, songwriter, spoken-word performer, organ grinder, etc? 

Beginner, professional, somewhere in-between?

Have you ever imagined yourself recording a single?

An album?

A podcast?

A poem?

But had no idea where to start?


Well, hi...I do all that! 

That’s my job, man. Got a studio and everything.


I produce, engineer, mix, and I can help out with songs and lyrics if you want (I hate to toot my own, but I am a handsomely-paid, professional songwriter, you know?). :)


I can play instruments for you if you can’t, or I can help out with singing when needed.

It’s a one-stop shop over here at my place, Studio515, located in beautiful Portland, OR.


I’d love to talk with you about your dream project, whatever it might be.

If this sounds like some fun (and believe me, it is), shoot me back an email and let’s chat.


Thanks again, my friend.

You complete me.

Let's make some great music together!



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