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Hello there!


Do any of the following descriptions sound like you or someone you know?

1. A musical beginner who’s practicing and trying to improve?

2. A musician who’s been playing for a few years, but may have leveled-out or hit a wall and just can’t seem to get over the next musical hill?

3. A professional musician who’s been at this a long time, but may feel a bit burned-out or in a creative rut?

4. Someone who very much wants to make music, but doesn’t know what the first step should be?


And / Or:

Have you ever imagined yourself in a recording studio?

Recording a single? A whole album?

Recording your own podcast and blasting it out to the world?

Are you searching for a studio to record your six-hour concept piece, 

“A Symphony For Woodblocks, Triangle and Bagpipes”?


Well, hi! My name’s Jim.

Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned pro who could use a creative jump-start, or somewhere in between, I can help with all that stuff.


Here are some of the services I offer at my studio, Studio515 located in beautiful Portland, OR.



I do all kinds of recording at my studio. 

I not only make my own music, but I work with lots of other people too.


I mostly work with artists who bring in fully-formed songs they’ve written. And we record them.


I act as Engineer (running the recording equipment, setting up mics, getting sounds), Mixer (balancing the voice and instruments, getting the song to sound as good as possible), and usually Producer or Co-Producer (helping out with song choices, offering sonic and arrangement ideas to make the song its strongest, suggesting what instruments should be used, vocal coaching to get the best performance).


I’m also a Studio Musician who plays guitar, keyboards, drums, bass, percussion, and more! So I can play instruments on tracks for you if needed.

And as a singer, I can help out with vocals and/or arranging lead and background vocals.


Basically, I help the artist bring out—and fully realize—the music that’s in their head. 



Sometimes the songs that show up here at the studio need a little help. And because I’m a songwriter myself, I can pitch in if requested.

Artists often come to me with music and a melody, but no lyrics. Or the opposite: lyrics but no music or melody.

So we sit down and knock the tune around awhile, until voila—a song is born.


I also do workshops with folks who have never (ever) written a song before. I take them through all the steps to get there: writing lyrics and melodies, choosing what chords to use, arranging the song, and finally recording it.

These workshops are really fun. For me, watching people find their creativity and put their unique perspective into writing a song is one of the great joys of doing this.



I’ve been teaching both guitar and vocals since I was 18, teaching musicians at all levels.

First and foremost, my teaching method gets you up and going quickly, playing and singing, and learning fundamentals as we go. 

I can’t tell you how many music teachers I’ve had who talk about music, explain about music, pontificate about music...and never play a note. What fun is that? Let’s play something! Then while you’re making music I can explain what’s going on in a more detailed way. 

The two things can exist at the same time.



I’ve scored, sound designed, and mixed films, TV shows, and TV/radio commercials.

I have over fifty songs and instrumental pieces on TV shows internationally.


I’ve also done Voice-Over for literally hundreds of TV and radio commercials.

Anyway, it’s a one-stop shop over here at Studio515!


I’d love to talk with you about your dream project, whatever it might be.

If this sounds like some fun (and trust me, it is), shoot me back an email and let’s chat.


Thanks again, my friend.

Let's make some music!






"The studio itself is warm, inviting, comfortable and conveniently located. But more importantly, Jim Walker is one of the most talented, creative and inspiring people I know and you'll feel nothing but supported and encouraged on your project at Studio 515! Can't imagine recording elsewhere.”



"You walk right in, you feel right at home.  From there you are encouraged & assisted to create inspired music that is yours for keeps!”



"Jim provides a great environment for recording and tapping into your creative side.

And he's a whiz with Pro Tools so it ends up being a great value.”



“When I started writing and recording music, I had no idea where to go or what to do.  
Jim was recommended to me by a friend and ever since my first album was recorded at his studio, I've never looked back.
He has an incredible ear for great quality, can play most of the instrumentation if you need him to and can lend a hand with lyrics (or completely transform your song if it sucks).
He takes care of your project from beginning to end and practically wraps it in a little bow.  The whole process is very non-intimidating and especially great for new singer/songwriters needing the expertise to make a song, or an album, really great.”



“I’m not sure what was the on ramp for my musical journey, but working with Walker has definitely been the express lane!  If you want to record while feeling like you're in a cozy living room, then 515 is the place.”


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