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You pledge your love, but it sounds like a warning.

And I know in the morning I won’t care.

Please drop the act. The accent is fake.

And you’ve made a mistake in bringing me here.

I’ve taken all of the chances and my nerves are very frail.

You didn’t know that I’m the man who’s gone beyond the pale.


Now close your eyes. 

I overheard you not saying a word. Keeping secrets.

I see through your lies. 

A shadow of doubt tells me what it’s about from A to Zero.

I’ve stopped making sense at all. I’m blinded without Braille.

Now you see that I’m the man who’s gone beyond the pale.


It’s easy to stay out. The hard part has always been getting out.

Some of you girls are becoming the men that you dream about.


But I can’t doubt your hands. They’re shackled and sweating.

You keep forgetting who keeps your soul.

Just turn away like an old rusted church key.

You’ll only upset me. And I can be mean.

Don’t stare into my blue eyes or you’ll find that you’re impaled on the lashing tongue and sharp wit of a man beyond the pale.



JVA - Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Vocals, BG Vx


Assistant Engineer / Mixer - Connor Thompson

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