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I’ve got big thoughts.

Sparks keep coming off rails that hum while the dreams are summoned. Uh huh.

I’ve got a big mouth.

Words go dark and it strains and bargains then begs your pardon. Uh huh.


Big will scream like a train in the rain.

It’s burning like a train in the rain.


I’ve got a big fist.

Clenched like steel it just can’t deal when things get real. Uh huh.

I gotta big heart. Big and broken it leaves me open but I keep hoping. Uh huh.


Big will pound like a train in the rain.

It’s pumping like a train in the rain, and…


Ooh, it’s all a big game.

Big game - that’s what you get.



Michele Van Kleef -

Harmony Vocal, Background Vocals


Albert Reda -

Bass, Electric Piano, B3 Organ, Background Vocals


Jim Walker -

Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitars,

Electric Guitars and Solo, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals 

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