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When your tears came out, they used to cut right through.

But I don’t feel them now. There’s nothing you can do.

When we started off, I thought for sure we’d last.

But now my head just spins like I stood up too fast.


I’m empty, Emily.  


Your arms go limp. I peeled you to the bone.

I’m the devil’s own son. Here sinking like a stone.

It’s a long incline that I been tumbling down.

Don’t want to see your face when I hit the ground.


I’m lying to myself to keep my joy at bay.

I don’t deserve your love. I kick my heart away.


I made a bad, bad choice. I know you still love me.

I can’t do this anymore. I got to follow my feet.

My soul is dead for you. It hurts to say it out loud.

But everyone’s a rat. You ought to know that by now.



Tim Ellis - Acoustic Gtr and Solo

Albert Reda - Bass

Jim Walker - Acoustic Gtr, Drum Programming, Keys, Percussion, Vx, BG Vx

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