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I dreamed of rats, slick with rain.

Drowning on the banks of marble.

Crawling for air. Gasping and rolling.

Woke up feeling quite unstable.


Lime work cracks. Basements flood.

Shin-deep in water.

Stone and salt. Wine and smoke.

Wet clothes stuck to my body.


Oh, Everything’s sinking.


Walls wet with blood. Buckets of mud.

Pound an old pipe with a hammer.

A patch and a kiss. Repair what’s been fixed.

The city waits upon a funeral.


No sign of light. Italian night.

Still the bridges simmer.

From the room into the drink.

Bells ring like death around me.


It’s alright. Another night. (Everything’s Sinking)

Wooden room. Like a tomb. (Everything’s Sinking)



Michele Van Kleef -

Harmony Vocal, Choir Vocals, Background Vocals


Albert Reda -

Bass, Fretless Bass, B3 Organ, Harmony Vocals, Background Vocals


Jim Walker -

Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and Solo,

Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, SFX and Samples 

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