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Driving car. Down South. Going home again. 

I’m loading film into my camera. I’ll be shooting everything. 


I’m walking where he walked. Going where he went.

Following the road trying to find my own feet in my shoes.


Visiting some old friends. Stopping here and there. 

I’ll bum some money from the folks then I’ll hit the bricks again.


Sleeping in a beach hut. Covered with bug bites.

Twenty kinds of horrible with no relief in sight.

Dead broke. Dog tired. Scenery and me are passing 

log trucks and beer signs blinking in the darkness.


Head’s wrong. Heart’s right. Losing my composure.

Got a blind date suffering from my overexposure. 


Where’s the action? That’s where the truth lies.

Something reaching up for your throat from the soft earth.


Past blows by on every cool breeze.

Gets ahold of me and it drops me to my knees.


Following my nose trying to find my own feet in my shoes. 



Jim Walker - Djembe’, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, 

Guitarone, Keys, Percussion, Samples, Vx

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