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Stared at by a red tv. Rusted bowls contain my dreams.

Couple snoring in the room next to me.


You had all that I could take. So I lie in this strange bed awake.

Running it all over in my mind again.


I watch the ceiling shadows. I raid the honor bar.

But I’m safer in this closet then where you are.


You were trying to be a feather in my life.

But I got in the way.

Broke it apart with your heart.

Now there’s not much to say...

You’re going to find your own Heaven. 

You’re going to find your own Heaven someday.


Rain drips on a cinder block.

Torn down buildings. Brick and rock.

Boards on all the windows in my pale head.


It didn’t just come out of the blue.

I didn’t think you’d follow through.

That’s one more thing I didn’t know about you.


And all the clocks are broken. Hands glitter under glass.

The wood’s between my fingers. Memories come back.



Tiffany Carlson - BG vx

Albert Reda - Bass

Jim Walker - Acoustic Gtr, Ebow, Keys, Melodica, Percussion, Vx, BG Vx

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