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The first day the flowers bloomed, the wings came and gathered you.


All alone in this grey light, you’re lying with your eyes closed.

Leave behind your second sight. You’re slipping through the window.


No, you never were from this earth. Your heart was burning deeply.

You belonged to a different place. Another world completely.


The universe swings open just one time in every short life.

Hands that cut through voices keep on moving like a sharp knife.


Visions stalking the dark again. They watched when you were sleeping.

Eyes crawling upon your skin. But they never stopped your dreaming.


All your days are memories that happened to you back then.

Through the smoke, returning. All is beautiful again.



Michele Van Kleef -

Lead Vocal, Harmony Vocal, Background Vocals


Albert Reda -

Drums, Percussion, Bass, Electric Piano, B3 Organ


Jim Walker -

Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Ghost Guitar Loops,

Volume Pedal Guitar and Solo, Harmony Vocal 

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