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Faceless stranger in the shadows. Unaccustomed to the ways.

Wandering city blocks at night and dozing through the muggy days. 


Scribbling words on cocktail napkins. Drowning in the smoky haze.

Right on time for any Lonely Street he finds.


Drop the queens and throw the eight ball. Playing to the 


Listening through the common walls.

Playing to the gallery as kingdoms start to fall.

Start to fall.


He sees candles flicker in his dreams. Out of reach. Behind the glass.

Where the red wine’s flowing endless. Whispering of home at last.


When his fingers stretched to shore she didn’t stand there anymore.

This isn’t what he bargained for.


Got into a scrape. The wait’s beginning.

Writing down what people say.

Walking outside. Telling stories. 

Wasted hours. He takes up space.

Patches of green with the red light, blue light.

Try to pray. Try to pray.

Singing old songs where all the chords go wrong.



Emmet the God Damned Cat - Accidental Bridge Bells

Nancy Hess - B.G. Vx

Jim Walker -  Bass, Electric Guitar and Solo, Keys, Lead Vx

Gregg Williams - Drums

Drums recorded by Gregg at THE TRENCH, Portland, OR

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