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Lost Anthony Home Again Live Sunset 10.28.1988.tiff


LIVE at the Sunset Club

 Sierra Madre, CA.

       Friday, 10.28.88

1. Same Place / All Up To You

2. That's How It Seems

3. Sweet Nothings

4. Bad Luck

5. I Can't Look

6. Liberace's Grave

7. Laughing Now

8. Intro / Midnight Hour

(Wilson Pickett / Steve Cropper)

9. This House

(Eric Hill)

10. Walking On The Hour

11. Mr. Accordion / Cotton Belt

12. Steamline

13. I Don't Fly

14. Take Me To The River

(Al Green / Teenie Hodges)

15. How In The World / Three Chord Medley

16. Blind Tiger


All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1987, 1988 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved (except where noted)

LIVE at the Sunset Club 10.28.88

Release Date: May 15th, 1987


This was the version of the band that did all the heavy lifting.

We played everywhere.

We rehearsed constantly.

We recorded a ton.

We drank everything.

We were a bunch of hard-headed individuals.

And we were a gang.

Fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us. 

And may God help you.

This was the true incarnation of the band;

Eric on keys, Scott on drums and background vocals, Rene on bass, and me playing guitar and singing.

The lifespan of this version of the band was roughly early 1987 to early 1989.

Then things changed. But this was before that.

This was Lost Anthony.

Bass - Rene Brancheau

Drums / Percussion / BG Vx - Scott Connor

Keyboards - Eric Hill

Guitar / Vocals - Jim Walker

This show was recorded by whoever the sound man was on that night back in '88, and then it went straight onto a blank Maxell 90 minute cassette, cuz that's what you did back then.

The sound man seemed to favor Eric's keyboard to my guitar and the mix reflects that. Probably a good call. Nothing can be done now.

Also, his decision to pan my lead vocal hard to the right speaker is odd but, well, water under the bridge.

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