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Strange doings in my mind tonight.

You could steal the thoughts right out of my head.

Well, I look good in the picture but when I tear the wrapper back...

I want to feel human again.


When you shake for no reason somebody’s walking on your grave.

Well I think this chill must give me away.

Because I hiss and pop like power lines. Eyes like dying flames.


Let’s plunder into the night. You can’t run for cover in the end.

I swear to God for once I wasn’t thinking of myself.


This girl is my shelter in the shade.

But I don’t want to have her as a friend.

This mad money is changing hands tonight.



Scene Missing:

Jim Walker - Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Keys, Snaps, Vx


Body Of Water:

Lead vocals - Winston Wang, Sara Gray

Will Kast - Bass

Jim Walker - FX, Guitar, Harmonica, Keys, Snaps

Violin - Curtis Wu 

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