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Rain drips down from the hole in the ceiling.

Mother stands staring with a sinking feeling.

You pay for that Thursday, you pay for that Friday.

You just keep paying till they carry you away.


No spark. No connection. Point me at the fire. Give me some direction.

No spark. No connection. I can’t look at my own reflection.


Look back in anger. Watch out for danger.

Put me in the Checker Cab. Lay me in the manger.

My body says move, but my mind says no.

I’ve got two hundred dollars...I’m going to throw it out the window.


No spark.


Telephone. Gallstones. Headstones. Babble-gabber.

Leave it to the spastic. Reel in the bitter-jabber.

Ten hail Marys. Penance for your sins.

Empty chalkboard, now you can start again.



Tim Ellis - Acoustic Gtr

Lara Michelle - BG Vx

Albert Reda - Bass

Stephanie Schneiderman - BG Vx 

Jim Walker - Acoustic Gtr, Drum Programming, Keys, Percussion, Vx, BG Vx 

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