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Try to put yourself in my place.

That’s right...this is what I feel like now.

We’re living with the same lies.

Twenty-four hours...if you were me.


Let’s walk around the block.

It feels like a needle.

This won’t happen again.


Kiss me quick. You’ve got my history.

Heartbreak, Lipstick. Now I’m not a mystery.

Romance, Slow dance. You can see my whole life.

This close you don’t have to look into my eyes.


See the devil in my head.

He says things I should have never said.

The past was never mine.

That’s what you’d know...if you were me.


Let’s start from the top.

Maybe it’s a blessing.

This won’t happen again.



Jim Walker - Keys, Drum Programming, Vx, BG Vx

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