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I was working in a restaurant called Matsuya-Jade.

Chopping onions, steaming rice, and cleaning up the plates.

She came in late one Monday night, sat at the sushi bar.

Drank green tea and sake, and shot straight through my heart.


I went to take the trash out to a dumpster in the back.

She was out there idling in a cocoa Cadillac.

I looked into her almond eyes, she opened up the door.

I took off my hair net, and slid in next to her.




We drove on through the dark night to a house up on the lane.

She kissed me for the first time. We drank her chilled champagne.

I woke up in the morning light, alone there in the bed.

I found her in the swimming pool with a note around her neck.


At home there was a message on the phone machine.

It was Ed Matsuya-Jade, he sounded mad and mean.

He spoke in broken English, his blood was all a-boil.

He told me I was fire. 

I very irresponsible boy.





Jim Walker - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Samples, Snare Drum, Sound FX, Lead Vocals, BG Vx

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