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Chalkmark arrow through a heart. Can’t pretend to play a part.

Blood and danger on my breath. Nothing else to do but Death.


Only murder without sin. The butler did it once again.

Roaring river in my head. An animal that no one fed.


I want Jade so fine.


I figured out what makes you tick.

Now you’re torn down brick by brick.

Reaching out with hands of clay in the terror of the day.


Isn’t this a big surprise? At the edge of paradise.

Watching as your face turns blue. With no words to comfort you. 


I want Jade so fine.



CarlsonRae (Tiffany Carlson / Melanie Rae) - BG Vx

Tim Ellis - Lead Guitar

Jamin Swenson - Bass

Jim Walker - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Melodica, Percussion, Samples, Lead Vocals

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