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I hate to put the light out, 

and have these good looks go to waste all night.

I walk down Lover’s Lane now. 

Alone, I hold my hand so tight.

This is not vanity. My blood burns just for me.

I’ve got a kiss of glass.


There’s lots of ways to do things. 

But I can’t live on the wire like I did.

Those were flesh and bone days. 

And though it’s so hard to admit;

the only thing I see, as I look back at a kiss of glass.


I can’t bring out the sickness. 

I will keep my body to myself.

I can’t say goodbye to my eyes.

But I’ve got nobody else to touch the fire I hold. 

And this reflection’s cold.

I’ve got a kiss of glass.



Jim Walker - Guitars, Kaossilator Pro, Keyboards, Percussion, Sequencing, Lead Vx, BG Vx

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