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Looking out at these dark skies, I feel my mind slip.

Unhooked from my power supply, I hear the cord rip.


Underneath a darkened staircase. Down an empty dead-end street.

I was waiting in the shadows. Last man standing.


I turn around and there you stand. Without a warning.

I hold my breath long as I can. My last morning.


Pacing round this small enclosure. Is it midnight? Is it noon?

Does it matter? Hours shatter.


Restless fingers. Sirens calling. Someone drops me from behind.

Now I’m falling to the cold floor.


Oooh. Last man standing.



Michele Van Kleef -

Harmony Vocal


Albert Reda -

Drums, Percussion, Bass, Acoustic Piano, Tack Piano,

Space Piano, B3 Organ and Solo, Co-Lead Vocal


Jim Walker -

Drums, Percussion, Electric Guitars,

Riff Guitar, Co-Lead Vocal 

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