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Too much me shooting through the day sky.

In my mind is space and time.

Pour another long and tall one.

Floodlights shine upon my crimes.


When Madeline falls.

Whenever she calls and falls apart.

She gets in my head.

And drags me back to her heart.


Here she comes like precious cargo.

Bridgette Bardot - she walks like that.

Brown and gold in streaming sunlight.

Moment’s just right, my slinking cat.


But Madeline’s lines get crossed.

The simplest facts gets lost and tossed along the way.

But Madeline’s ways persuade.

And suddenly I’m displayed under glass for all my days.


Down the dark hall maps are scattered.

Good girl shattered. A long way down.

Rings are pawned and windows shuttered.

How she flutters at every sound.



Michele Van Kleef -

Background Vocals


Albert Reda -

Bass, Background Vocals


Jim Walker -

Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and Solo,

B3 Organ, Electric Piano, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals 

JVA. Little Bird VSN2.png
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