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Out of my head.

Every distant moment. Every day.

You possess me now in every way.


Until now these things were kept at bay.



All my nights are cold and captured.

In your arms of gasoline.

Opened from the ghost of grey days.

Dripping out of broken scenes.


You don’t even know that I’m alive. 

So I stumble through this time and wine.

Hunted by my own damn arrow. 


Knowing we’re both existing so far apart.

Knowing that the soul of this life devastates my heart.


Out of my head. 

There’s no sign of life. The dream’s been bled.

And I know it’s over. 

So instead I’ll put you...out of my head.



Jim Walker - Acoustic Gtrs, Drum Programming, Keys, Percussion, Vx, BG Vx

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