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Let me go. I won’t say a word.

I can keep a secret, rest assured.

I guess these black woods can do strange things to a man.

We all go crazy now and then.


I don’t need to be persuaded.

Take that rifle from my face.

I just want to dig my hole when I get out of this place.


If someone’s going to help me, someone help me fast.

I can’t live with this around my neck 

and you can’t change the past.


There’s nothing I could say that you could hear.

Even though I’m screaming loud and clear.

And money can’t buy me out of this.

It’s over. There’s people that I’m going to miss.


I’ve never had this feeling. I hope it doesn’t last.

It’s madness and it’s moonshine and I can’t change the past.



Jared Britton Hermans - Bass

Eric Hill - Piano, Synth and Wurly

Bob Mack - B.G. Vx

Jim Walker - Electric Guitar, Additional Keys, 

Percussion, Samples, Lead Vx

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