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I’m walking through the desert sea. 

Doesn’t matter where I go you’re still with me.

I see you just like in those days.

Before the color sent us separate ways.


Police lights. Lips. Cherries. Rose’ wine.

Maybe just the glasses we wore all the time.


Whistling happy birthday wrong.

One false move and I drug you along.

Then the pain became a bore.

Now I don’t know who I run from anymore.


The blood is pouring endlessly from vines.

And still nobody’s swinging for these crimes.


Red flowed out of control from the moment the first cut was made.

Completely out of control. 

Just another razor game we played.


It’s cold. In pools. Sticky on our faces. 

It leaves a trail from all these desperate places. 

Soft light spills out from rooms down dirty halls.

I see your number scrawled out on the wall.  


Crimson sweater in the cold.

Hanging off your shoulder. Your black bra showed.

Watching from behind the glass.

You said you’d do anything I asked.



Jim Walker - Bass, Keys, Percussion, Samples, SFX, Vx

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