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Somewhere there’s a part of me in this dark machinery.

I’m floating through the wind’s eye. Starched white shirt and black tie.


Through the weeds and mud I go. Moving with the ebb and flow.

Now I know I’m...


Running into time -- Endless days aren’t mine.

Running into time -- Steel and iron chime.

Running into time -- Disassembly line.

I’m running into time.


Outside is an empty hall. Stare out at the brick wall. 

In the flint of every day, God protects us they say. 


She sings up to me from the steam. Like an angel in a dream.

Now it seems I’m...


In the dust, without a name. Her love is coming through the flame.

Without shame, I’m...



Jim Walker - Acoustic Gtr, Drum Programming, Electric Gtr, Keys, Vx, BG Vx

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