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I feel a rush of air every time you speak.

Blows right through my chest and whips round me.

And I am drawn to you as if by gravity.

You sniff the air for blood’s machinery.



I watch the meter run. I know the state you’re in.

Underneath your glass, where your heart beat's been.

Well someone out there's swimming your dark seas.

While chains of iron drag you back down to me.



Holes cut through parachutes. Lines that slash the air.

Shooting through the blue sky like a bullet.

I’ve been so cold to touch. Now I burn in flame.

If there’s a word for this then I don’t know it. 



Shaken in a can, sprayed into the air.

When that moment comes no one really cares.

Cases stacked up high. Like voices in your mind.

Hands that search the air through smoke and clatter.


Jim Walker - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Percussion, Vocals

Stanley Cover Art 1.jpg
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