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I had my doubts about this working out 

from the moment you walked through the door.

I didn’t know why I asked you to come by.

It was something I couldn’t ignore.


You look like somebody who could be understanding.

Someone who I could talk to.

And there’s no disguise when the light hits your eyes.


I want you to stay. 

But the things that you say trigger such sad memories.

So if I break down or if I come unwound, 

it’s nothing you’re doing directly.


I don’t want to be by myself here tonight.

Don’t leave if I look like I’m blue.

Talk to me more, the way you did before.


I fall in love easily, as you can see.



Willy Barber - Upright Bass

Tim Ellis - Electric Guitar and Solo

Aaron Meyer - Viola, Violin

Jim Walker - Keys, Percussion, Samples, Vx

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