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I thought for certain when we met,

I could finally mop my brow.

Well, I asked you (or did you forget),

Can I please stop running now?


Hard to believe what the years can do.

They’ll wreck your favorite song.

And the very same lips that whispered so sweet will string you along.


And if you should die, 

I’ll bury you out where the green grass grows.

And as I cry tears will carry you.

But where to, Heaven knows.


You’ve dug in deeply, and left your mark.

Our souls were safe and strong.

Now I’m shaking in the dark.

You’ve strung me along.


Strung along like colored paper tacked up in the kitchen.

Played just like violin. Set up like a ten pin.


I thought this love was flesh and water.

Thought it was the perfect crime.

But I asked her, Do you still love me?

And her eyes would not meet mine.


We are nothing. I am less.

To go this far, this wrong.

The crosses, cares, and grief were never true.

You’ve strung me along.



Tiffany Carlson - BG Vx

Tim Ellis - Lead Guitar

Albert Reda - Bass

Jim Walker - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Samples, Lead Vocals, BG Vx

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