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Stars are crying in the distance.

Sounding thin in deepest blue.

And the cats are in the courtyard

Where the day cracks through.


Church bells chiming on the hour.

Through barbed wire I count to four.

There’s a warm wind in the alley.

The nun wore black and nothing more.


Bricks are dropping in the sunlight.

Dust is falling to my eyes.

And the homemade wine flows through me. 

A shepherd hears the cries.


Father Sean kneels on the cobble.

Kissed the cross his mother wore.

Dances light through the piazza.

The nun wore black and nothing more.

Nothing more.


The faithful speak in whispers. 

Like soft wings in the air.

The saints are on display there. 

Beneath the marble stair.


Pigeons sit out on the chimney.

Laundry blows out on the line.

The terra cotta crumbles. 

And this world is mine.


Ivy grows down in the garden.

Clings to walls and wooden doors.

Absolution and impressions.

The nun wore black and nothing more.

Nothing more.

Nothing more.

JVA - Vocals, Percussion, Drum Programming, Bass, Keyboards, Acoustic and Electric Guitars.

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