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Recorded: April 25th, 2008

Tim and Jim photo for Concert Release #1.jpg


1. Empty Emily

2. Have A Cigar

3. Cupid

4. Feet In My Shoes

5. Do It Again

6. Carmelita

7. That’s That

8. Beating

9. Alison

10. Bad Luck

11. Corner Store

12. Feeling Alright / Just My Imagination / Walk On The Wild Side

13. Honky Tonk Woman

14. Angel From Montgomery

15. Locomotive Breath

16. Walk Don’t Run / Don’t Fear The Reaper / Raspberry Beret / Battleship Chains / Pretty Woman / Suzie Q / Bang A Gong / 

17. Tim Talks

18. Hotel California / Crazy Train / Stairway To Heaven / Fly Me To The Moon / Jump 

19. People Are Guns

20. In Your Eyes / Ways To Be Wicked / Breakdown / 

21. Pelican Intro. Then, Jim dumps an entire cocktail onto his pedalboard.

22. Poor Poor Pitiful Me

23. Tim Talks ll

24. A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday

25. Romeo and Juliet / You Can Call Me Al / Fourth Of July

26. Lemon Tree

27. Home At Last

28. Invitation

29. Never On Sunday

30. Peace, Love, And Understanding

31. Jenny (867-5309)

32. Dissolve  / Exodus / Bald Heads / Chelsea / 

33. Poor Baby

34. Surrender

35. How’s Your Hole?


Shortly after Tim Ellis's passing in March of 2016, I received an email from Keith, a longtime good friend of the Tim and Jim Show.

Keith used to record our concerts for his own listening amusement. He recorded direct from the outputs of our PA system into his hard disc player. 

In Keith's email, he explained that he had recorded some 60 hours of our concerts.

About 20 full-length, three-hour shows.

What? The? Eff?

I had no idea.

He played me some of it. 

Because the recordings came directly from our PA exactly the way Tim mixed us live, it sounds like being a Tim and Jim show. Alarmingly so.

If you turn it up and shut your eyes, you're there. It's pretty incredible.


Now let me tell you about this grand experiment I'm doing here (with the blessings of Tim's wife, Susan, I'd like to add):

Because of the size of these shows, and a few other considerations and minor complications, I can't put them up at streaming services.

So these shows will be available privately through me, to stream for free or as downloads.

I plan on releasing these shows one at a time, for as long as the material holds out. 

I'm so glad to be able to share this music with you.

Tim and I were never much good at archiving our live shows so I'm so very glad and grateful to Keith for doing it.

He has accidentally become our sole historian and archivist. 


Thanks, Keith.

(Big salute!)


And thank you for your time - 




Hayden’s Lakefront. Tualatin, OR.



Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Label / Thon Music

Recordist / Keith Erickson
Editor / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Jim Walker

Running Time / 2:46:00

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