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Recorded: April 16th, 2011

Tim and Jim photo for Concert Releases.jpg


1. Invitation (JVA)

2. Have A Cigar

3. Bad Luck (JVA)

4. North Beach Tuesday (JVA)

5. Lawyers, Guns and Money

6. Pelican

7. Breakdown

8. Raspberry Beret

9. Peace, Love and Understanding

10. Rachel (JVA)

11. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

12. No Woman, No Cry

13. Corner Store (JVA)

14. Take A Walk On The Wild Side

15. Red House

16. Folsom Prison Blues

17. Jump

18. You Need A Man

19. Wild World

20. Unchain My Heart

21. Losing My Religion

22. Runaway

23. The Letter

24. Don't Fear The Reaper

25. Oye Como Va

26. Walk Don't Run

27. Watching The Detectives

28. Comfortably Numb

29. Bang A Gong


This is the SIXTEENTH in a series of Tim and Jim concerts that Tim’s wife, Susan, and I are releasing. 

Susan Ellis and I plan on releasing these shows one at a time, for as long as the material holds out. 

I remember this gig.

Tim and I were booked at this joint in The 'Couv called Charley's (a giant barn of a room).

The booker asked us for a full band. So we called Kevin and Jamin - two guys who we knew could step in with NO rehearsal and play a three-hour set with us. When you listen to this keep that in mind: NO rehearsal. That's a lot to ask of people, but those guys absolutely crushed it, no sweat.

It was eye contact and body language for cues, and Tim screaming at the top of his lungs "BACK TO THE TOP" "HERE COMES THE BRIDGE!" "LAY OUT HERE!!" 

Are there clams on this? Hell yes, there are.

We had NO rehearsal.

Does it matter? Not a bit.

The great Dennis Mincks did our sound that night and recorded this. After he mixed it down he gave us all a copies. However because it was a long set it wouldn't fit on a regular CD, so he gave us all CDRs with all the audio files.

I didn't listen to it, I just I placed it in my tape cupboard and forgot all about it.

Until a couple of weeks ago when I ran across it.

I listened and thought,

"Man...those guys were pretty good."

Please put this on very loud, and enjoy.

Tim's playing here is a masterclass.

RIP, buddy.

Thanks for listening -




Charley's. Vancouver, WA.



Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Kevin Rankin - Drums

Jamin Swenson - Bass

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Label / Thon Music

Recordist / Dennis Mincks

Editor / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Jim Walker

Running Time / 3.00.11

I'm so glad to be able to share this music with you.


And thank you for your valuable time - 



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