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Recorded: August 21st, 2009

Tim and Jim photo for Concert Release #4.jpg


1. Again Again

2. The Mystery Dance / Hand Jive

3. Corner Store / Feeling Alright / Just My Imagination / Take A Walk On The Wild Side / Honky Tonk Woman

4. Tim Talk

5. Feet In My Shoes

6. Fools In Love / For Your Love

7. Tim & Jim Talk

8. I Fry A Saxophone / The Girl From Estacada

9. Tim & Jim Talk ll

10. Down Deep

11. Have A Cigar

12. Bad Luck / Andy Griffith Theme / Flintstones Theme / Tim’s Psychotic Behavior / Highway 61 Revisited / Bad Luck (Reprise)

13. Locomotive Breath / Roundabout / Slip Slidin’ Away

14. Tim & Jim Talk lll

15. Pelican 

16. Tim & Jim Talk lV 

17. Breakdown / Rhiannon / Don’t Fear The Reaper / Sweet Dreams / Walk Don’t Run / Mongoloid / Rebel Yell / Psycho Killer / Evil Ways / Oyo Como Va / Lowrider / Watching The Detectives

18. Tim & Jim Talk V

19. Actually Like A Martyr

20. Poor Poor Pitiful Me 

21. Tim & Jim Talk Vl

22. Running Into Time

23. Ways To Be Wicked / 867-5309 (Jenny) / Home At Last

24. Invitation / Big Mary’s House / Jockey Full Of Bourbon / Invitation (Reprise) / Never On Sunday /Sittin’ And Thinkin’ / Jessica / Dueling Banjos

25. Thank You / Can’t You See? / Thank You (Reprise)

26. Something To Remember Me By / Dear Prudence 

27. Dissolve / Exodus / Crazy Baldheads / I Don’t Want To Go To (Chelsea)  

28. Poor Baby

29. Comfortably Numb

30. You Need A Man (w xtra Insanity) 

31. How’s Yer Hole?


1. Music for Last September

(A short film).

This is a medley of cues Tim and I did for a short film. Real ambient type stuff. A lot of the film took place near the ocean so our themes here are a little moody and seafaring at times. 


This is the FOURTH in a series of Tim and Jim concerts that Tim’s wife, Susan, and I are releasing. 

It was recorded live by Keith Erickson at Hayden’s Lakefront in Tualatin, OR.


We had a great audience for this one. This was a very Free-Associative show filled with songs we’d never played before and medleys that went into strange places. One of the best nights to be in the Tim and Jim Band.

Susan Ellis and I plan on releasing these shows one at a time, for as long as the material holds out. 

And thank you for your time - 




Hayden’s Lakefront. Tualatin, OR.



Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Label / Thon Music

Recordist / Keith Erickson
Editor / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Jim Walker

Running Time / 3:07:17




Tim Ellis - Lead Guitar

Jim Walker - Guitar, Keyboards


Recordist / Jim Walker
Producers / Jim Walker / Tim Ellis

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

I'm so glad to be able to share this music with you.

Tim and I were never much good at archiving our live shows so I'm so very glad and grateful to Keith for doing it. He has accidentally become our sole historian and archivist. 


Thanks, Keith.

(Big salute!)


And thank you for your valuable time - 



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