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Recorded: September 4th, 2009

Tim and Jim photo for Concert Release #7.jpg


1. INTRO: My Mom and My My Brother etc…

2. Place Of Shame

3. Jump 

4. The Harder They Come

5. Angel From Montgomery

6. The Weight / Tupelo Honey

7. Life On Fire

8. Tim and Jim Talk / Tim Rants On The State Of The Music Business

9. Sleepwalking

10. Ashes To Ashes / (What’s So Funny About) Peace, Love & Understanding

11. Glass Thimble / Tim Rant 2

12. Soft Spot

13. Running Into Time  

14. Modern World

15. Hey Joe

16. Never A Dull Moment

17. Rachel / Psycho Killer 

18. Bang A Gong / Suzie Q / Amazing Grace / Have A Cigar

19. Feet In My Shoes / Riders On The Storm 

20. Locomotive Breath / Roundabout 

21. Mystery Dance / Man Out Of Time / Alison / Watching The Detectives

22. Something To Remember Me By / Dear Prudence

23. Thank You / Can’t You See? / A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday / Romeo And Juliet / You Can Call Me Al / Witchita Lineman / Fourth Of July / Let’s Talk Record Sales

24. Dissolve / Exodus / Crazy Baldheads / I Don’t Want To Go Chelsea / Breakfast In America / Poor Baby / Folsom Prison Blues / Blind Tiger

25. Ring Of Fire / How’s Yer Hole?



1. Drum

2. 111th Floor

3, Lost 

Tim and Jim

The Brown Bag Concert Series. Portland, OR. 



This is the SEVENTH in a series of Tim and Jim concerts that Tim’s wife, Susan, and I are releasing. 

It was recorded live by Keith Erickson at Hayden’s Lakefront in Tualatin, OR.

Susan Ellis and I plan on releasing these shows one at a time, for as long as the material holds out. 

And thank you for your time - 




Hayden’s Lakefront. Tualatin, OR.



Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Label / Thon Music

Recordist / Keith Erickson
Editor / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Jim Walker

Running Time / 3.18.49


This is the very first show that Tim and I played as a duo. Tim was booked as a solo act but didn’t feel like playing it alone so he asked me to do it with him. We’d been playing together in Craig Carother’s trio but this was the first time out as Tim and Jim. Well, actually I was still using the name Jeroan van Aichen then, so it was Tim and Jeroan. 

I remember I showed Tim the bass line riff to 111th Floor about eight seconds before we played it. You can hear Tim kinda testing it for a moment to make sure he had it right.



Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Label / Thon Music

Recordist / Unknown
Editor / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

I'm so glad to be able to share this music with you.

Tim and I were never much good at archiving our live shows so I'm so very glad and grateful to Keith for doing it. He has accidentally become our sole historian and archivist. 


Thanks, Keith.

(Big salute!)


And thank you for your valuable time - 



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