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If everything loses it’s meaning.

If all that I have slips away.

I will still recall giving myself to you.

I will still remember today.


The past comes to stay and it hangs in the air all around us.

Like smoke in my clothes, gasoline in your hair. Can’t 

escape it.


And I can’t wait around till tomorrow.

I just have to change this today.

I’ll give up this racket and start once again.

And make this old life go away.


With the ebb and the flow of the glow in the night and the darkness.

I’m making my own world. I disappear into the dimming.


Ash in the cool of the morning,

I finally got up the nerve.

And I know that these things will get better  

on the other side of the curves.



Willy Barber - Upright Bass

Gavin Bondy - Trumpet

Tracey Harris - Co-Lead Vx

Jim Walker - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Samples, Shakers, Co-Lead Vx

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