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Those who recall the past, sleep in the soil.

We’re beginning again.

There’s nothing at all. The future is here now.

We’re born on this day.


What do you care if they take it out on you?

We’re just the shells of the men you knew.


King elected himself. We dug him a graveyard.

We do what he say.

I spit shine the boots. His Majesty like me.

That keeps me alive.


Here at the start of time. Where taking a life’s no crime.

They’re tearing down souls as these first moments unwind.

They won’t get mine. They won’t get mine.


Stolen gun beneath my pillow. Now he trying to pin it on me.

No chance out for this life now. 

And the whites of my eyes can see Year Zero.


And these men you knew will come after you.



Tim Ellis - Electric Guitar

Nancy Hess - B.G. Vx

Lara Michell - B.G. Vx

Ining Su - Speaking and Translation

Jim Walker - Bass, Congas, Djambe, Acoustic Guitar,  

Keys, Lead Vx

Benjy Wertheimer - Esraj 

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