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My heart is beating like the desert sun. You slip into my 

skin now.

I can only sit back and wish for the best. The dream is 

yours. It’s all up to you now.


I’m feeling tighter like there’s sand in my blood. I pass the 

torch on to you.

Oh, but you got the fire in your eyes. White flag in my soul.

I wish it were me. But it’s all up to you now.


All up to you.

All up to you now.


Now I taste the hot wind in my soul - and I know your 

feelings, son.

I’ve a lifetime of memories - most of them good.

If you want that too. It’s all up to you now.


It’s your turn. I promise you both good and bad now.

It’s all up to you. I swear there’s nothing more I can do now.


All up to you.

All up to you now.



Here Comes The Blood Man:

Nancy Hess - BG Vocals

Jim Walker - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Gregg Williams - Drums

The Woolies Horns - Clark Bondy (Saxophone), Gavin 

Bondy (Trumpet), Tom Hill (Trombone)


Body Of Water:

Lead vocals - Ali Arian Molaei

Background Vocals - The Company Girls

Jess Feeman - Drums

Will Kast - Guitar

Jim Walker - Bass, Guitar

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