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That was my life - Passing by, reel by reel.

That was my heart - Slipping beneath your wheel.

That was my voice - Speaking the long goodbye.

That was my soul - You laughed so hard I cried.


Anytime. Anytime - I wait for you.

Anytime. Anytime - You steal what’s remaining.

Anytime. Anytime - Nothing is true. 

Anytime. Anytime - It’s not worth explaining.

Why’s the blood so black in your veins? 


Show me your eyes - See how the flames get fanned.

Show me your words - Catching them in my hands.

Show me your pain - Each time I smile at you.

Show me your joy - When I don’t know what’s what.


I heard a sound - As you tore and ripped me.

I saw a light - Just as the train hit me.

Off with my head - Now my safety lies in fear.

Shedding my skin - I’ve never seen such joyful tears. 

Jim Walker - Guitars, Bass, Keys, Programming, Lead Vocal, BG VX

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